Leaping Into Life

Falling Never Felt So Good


For more than ten years, Kim Hunter worked in the rough and tumble world of politics in Washington, D.C. Driven by a passion for social change and travel, Kim left to spend a year backpacking around a world very different from D.C., as part of a journey that spanned four continents and 11 developing countries. Leaping Into Life is where the adventures are chronicled and the revelations that came with the trip are written. It continues to be a place to share musings and more.

Now settled in San Francisco, Kim works with creative innovators that are “making things happen” from non-profits and community organizations to tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. Kim applies the same swift strategic advice and media outreach plans that winning campaigns are built on to help raise awareness and capture people’s attention with compelling stories.

This is me traversing the rocky roads of Nosara, Costa Rica

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  1. Hi how are you doing? I met you at that small place in Nossara a week ago with my two friends, Don and Andy. Andy had long hippie like hair and was also a retired F.D.N.Y. 911 firefighter. I was the little Italian guy with them. We are back here in cold gloomy New york now. I read your blog about Tico Hendrix and had a great laugh.. We stayed at harbor reef and on Sunday the15th we enjoyed his comedic show during which he hit on every available white woman possible. Its no suprise he tried to attach himself to you as well. In fact the local waitress. Sue cannot stand him because he hits on everybody including her. Good luck in your adventure and I look forward to following your daily trek. it was a pleasure meeting you and I am happy for you that your following your dreams. I did feel the same way as you did when I was down in Costa Rica last week and reflected on my lifes direction.There is something magical about being free from the city life and all of its anxietys. Nature and people who love living in it with perfect harmony have a positive effect on you that is intoxacaiting . Sort of like our native american culture we tried to destroy.I think in my latter years I will seek a similar place to rest my bones, but for now there are plenty of building to errect and lots of welding to do so that is what ironworkers do……… Pura Vida. Tony Baloney.

    • khunter10 says:

      It was great to meet you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed Nosara. It’s a really magical place that keeps bringing those that discover it back again. Tico is quite a character, but like most men and dogs – is harmless. I’m heading off to Columbia on Tuesday and leaving Nosara for San Jose on Monday! It will be a brand new place for me so a bit daunting but looking forward to discovering all the things that Columbia has to offer. Keep building those skyscrapers and reaching for the stars! Maybe I’ll see you again in Nosara… it has a knack for bringing strangers back together again. Send your friends my best! Take care, Kim

  2. LOVE your blog! Glad I found you on Twitter🙂 Can’t wait to read about all your travels this year!

  3. Maria Norena says:

    Kim, great stories and pictures. Continue to enjoy the good food!
    If you have time this Sunday, enjoy the Ciclovia (Carrera Septima to the north) 7 am to 2 pm watch this short video to learn more http://www.streetfilms.org/ciclovia. The Bogota ciclovia has served as model around the world.
    All the best!

    • khunter10 says:

      Thanks Maria. I’m can’t wait to check out the Cyclovia as I love to ride bikes! I just returned from Villa De Leyva after one night turned into two – such a beautiful old town! Will be posting pictures soon.

  4. jen says:

    Just returned from our own trip to Nosara…to celebrate going into my 40th year! I wish you tons of beautiful people and personal growth in your journey🙂 I found your blog on accident, and though I don’t usually read blogs, I did read through a bit of yours….happy accidents. You are going into your 30s with a wonderful attitude…much like my own into my 40s…I have a healthy and wonderful 8 year old son, a loving boyfriend, a home with lots of friends and family and a job that pays my bills but doesn’t run my life. I hope to return to Nosara many times…and set up my own B&B for my 50th.

    • Jen, Congratulations and thank you so much for your kind words. Taking this whole year to reflect on life as a whole and not just pieces like work was transformative. Nosara was the magical place that flipped the switch for me two years ago and I’m glad you loved it as well. Please keep me updated on B&B, it would be a dream to live there and why not follow your dreams! Best, Kim

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