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A Day in Hampi with Hanuman, the Boat Man

on December 10, 2012

Note: This is a post for Travel Dudes People Pics competition. If you’re interested in submitting your travel photos, the details are here.


But more than fifty years, Hanuman has spent his days rowing visitors around the idyllic and picturesque Sanapur Lake, a short scooter ride from the historic ruins of Hampi, India, and set in what feels like the land before time, surrounded by a landscape of boulders. Lifting more than 200 pounds with his teeth in his younger days, Hanuman was the village strong man back in the day.

At the lake, the 73 year-old grandfather is one of those people whose picture shows a thousand moments in every crease and line on his face. One whose wife sends a lovely traditional Indian lunch for a group of strangers to devour amidst giant rocks.


The day this photo was taken, we went out on his traditional bamboo basket boat and he proved his strength as the paddles became extensions of his arms and our amateur attempts were short-lived.

It was one of those days when a stranger becomes a friend. I feel an enormous sense of gratitude for that simple gift that travel gives us.

3 responses to “A Day in Hampi with Hanuman, the Boat Man

  1. debbie says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment and I LOVE hearing about every page of your big adventure.

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